Another Pro-Howell Letter to the Editor”

Re-elect Howell
Jim Howell was elected to the Kansas House for District 82 in 2010. He served on three important committees and immediately became involved, at the floor level, by working on significant legislative issues. He created his own niche with a dozen personally sponsored bills and resolutions, including the sportsman handgun bill, HB 2491. Areas of continuing interest to Howell for the next term will include education reform, KanCare and income-tax reform.
Howell has worked hard for District 82. He has traveled throughout his district, knocking on doors and asking questions to find out what voters were most concerned about. He has proved to be a man of vision and understanding – a legislator centered in the popular thinking of the folks back home, as well as the state of Kansas overall.
I am certain, given the opportunity, he will now serve District 81 with the same fairness and distinction.


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By Jim Howell

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