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@KSNNews – State average ed funding is ~ $12,500 majority of those funds come from the state. I expect better from KSN.

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Tonight’s Public Forum Topics::
Here is the List of Topics/Opinions presented at tonight’s Public Forum:
– Oppose consolidation of counties and cities
– Repeal this safe and fair elections act
– Concerns about budget cuts to mental health services
– State should pay for rape kits because they are expensive and unaffordable and are for prosecutors – Amend Kansas statutes to help eliminate racial profiling
– Judiciary concerns needs checks and balances difficulty for poor to make appeals and get justice – Concerns about developmentally disabled and Kancare
– Pass heartbeat legislation and anti-flouridation bill
– Protect problem gaming fund, Keep 2% of gaming revenues available for anti-gaming measures – Against liquor and strong beer and wine being sold in grocery & convenience stores; don’t extend 0.6 cents sales tax; end the death penalty; Repeal the safe and fair elections act; Leave judicial selection as is; fund planned parenthood; end war on women; fund public television & radio; protect Ogalalla aquifer; Oppose keystone pipeline – Repeal the safe and fair elections act
– Repeal the safe and fair elections act
– Concerns about the judiciary, need checks & balances and accountability – Put God back in the schools II Chron. 7:14
– Repeal in-state tuition for illegal immigrants
– Vote down the ERO reorganizing the JJA; worried that the legislature will be a rubberstamp for Gov. Brownback – Protect the 2% problem gaming fund, presented a personal testimony how the gaming fund helped the presenter – Protect the 2% problem gaming fund, see many people desperate, without funds, people turn to more suicide/crime – Pass state wide ban on fluoridation; pass heartbeat legislation
– Pass legislation to open Wichita Greyhound Park
– Protect the 2% problem gaming fund
Do something about the Wichita Police Department unchecked violence, examples given of cops let off, justice denied; Repeal the safe and fair elections act – United States academically ranks 18th out of 36 industrialized nations. Please help the young readers with their education but do not hold back (social promotion ban) – Repeal the safe and fair elections act
– Do something about unchecked police violence, check KSA21-3215, use of lethal force, should mandate that that evidence is required – Pass law to allow marijuana use, stop incarcerating people for minor drug offenses; Repeal the safe and fair elections act, First-time voters have more requirements than other voters, is a photograph of documentation acceptable? – Pass a ‘Pay to play’ law; Move spring elections to the fall and make them partisan elections; Repeal the home mortgage interest credit in Kansas; Cut spending don’t raise taxes to balance budget; do not pass the bail bondsman relief act – Do not cut funding for mental health programs in our schools
– Repeal the safe and fair elections act
– Pass legislation to allow hemp production for construction, fiber, fuel, protein, and reduce CO2

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The next election will replace about half the KS House since 48 districts now have 2 or 3 incumbants plus several reps quit, one died, some going for senate. Lots of holes to fill.

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You can get a free fan if u show a valid Ks Dr’s License to the Red
Cross! What about those that don’t have a KDL? Cooling

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